CL Mitchell is a breath of fresh air in the world of photography. Born andraised in New York City, Mitchell has traveled around the globe and is inspired bythe beauty in life, scenery, and smiles. Mitchell’s desire to share that beauty with world, has lead him into thefield of photography. Capturing unique moments in Life, one shot at a time, iswhat excites Mitchell and keeps him shooting every day.   Having studied at the Manhattan School ofPhotography, Mitchell has the technical training and the innate ability tocreate images that are Riveting and Aesthetically pleasing to the eye...    KeepWatching

Excerpts from interview- Lady V Magazine interview with CLMitchell.
Lady V:How long have you been a professional photographer?
CL Mitchell-- That’san interesting question. I feel like I have been a photographer all my life,always taking pictures and trying to capture every moment. 
Lady V: What kind of photography do you do?
CL Mitchell--I am a Portrait andHeadshot photographer, however, strangely I shoot more Events and Still Lifephotography then I do anything else.  SoI guess I am whatever that particular client needs me to be. Lol
Lady V: Who are your influences?
CL Mitchell--
By far my favoritephotographer is Peter Hurley, his photos are so amazing. I am also a big fan ofRome ( photos by rome), Jasmine Star ( J Star Wedding photographer), TiffSimmons ( ShootMeChic), Lee Morris ( fstoppers)
Lady V: What is the most importantthing to remember to get a good image?

CL MitchellTo me getting a good image has nothing todo with the technical stuff of photography, it is more about making the subjectthat you are shooting feel comfortable in front of your lens. I think that that isthe key, if you don’t have that, no matter if your shooting with a 10 thousanddollar camera, your images will still come out less then par.
Lady V: Whatis the key to being a successful photographer?
CL MitchellI am still tryingfind that out,.. I feel that having integrity, being punctual, and being agood person are key no matter what profession you are in. And having a good sense of humor also helps 

Lady V:  Do you have any last words forour readers
CL Mitchell: Hire Me, Hire Me,Hire Me.. 

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